TACTical Leadership

Course Description

TACTical Leadership is a character based style of leadership for both the formal and informal leaders of the fire service. You will learn methods to deliver your expectations with TACT and learn the power of influence amongst your peers! Though technical skills and their fundamentals play a huge role in your fire service success, there is a much deeper underlying skill which is shown through your character. We will discuss the characteristics that will make you a better all-around firefighter and influential member of your fire department!

Learning Objectives

  • Students will explore character traits of good and bad leaders based on our facilitated discussion of attendee and presenter experiences.

  • Students will be equipped with the tools to measure their own strengths and weaknesses as a leader in order to continuously improve their leadership capabilities.

  • Students will understand the emphasis and proper application of integrity, humility and positive influence.

  • Students will discuss and understand the application of IQ and EQ.



Through student interaction and discussion, we will talk about the good and bad qualities of leaders that the students have had in the past. We discuss how as a society, we have come to believe that you must have a formal rank or title to be a leader, but that simply isn’t true in today’s society. As long as you inspire or motivate others towards a common goal or mission, you are a leader. We will then lead in to discussing a few of the character traits that they inevitably mention (i.e attitude, integrity, humility) in our opening discussion and how when properly applied, they are game changers. We will discuss the importance of core values and mission statements as a formal or informal leader in the fire service, for when you must deal with the “gray matter” issues (i.e personnel issues and different personalities). Following this we talk about the importance of IQ (Intelligence Quotient) vs. EQ (Emotional Quotient), by giving the students action items to measure themselves against to see where they fall in their own EQ. We capitalize all of this through personal stories and motivational videos, that inspire the students to be the best version of themselves that they can be.


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