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26th -TACTical Leadership Class

CBC Emergency Medical Professionals

Columbia, MO

No Exceptions Leadership

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17th & 18th-TACTical Leadership Class

Muscatine Iowa Fire Department

Muscatine, IA


 3rd - 6th -TACTical Leadership Class

Oklahoma State Fire School

Tulsa, OK

29th - TACTical Leadership Class

Mid MO Fire Academy


 19th -TACTical Leadership Class

CFD 2018-1 Recruit Class

Columbia, MO


 19th -TACTical Leadership Class

Fire House Expo

Nashville, TN








Ret Division Chief Marc Wright

Chief Wright recently retired from the Columbia MO Fire Department after 25 years of service. Chief is a 3 time cancer survivor and one of the most genuine men you've ever met. Chief is a firefighters chief and left a lasting legacy at CFD.

Deputy Chief Scott Moore

Chief Moore is the Deputy Chief for Battlefield MO Fire Protection District which serves the south and west suburbs of Springfield, MO. Chief has 23 years in the fire service,16 years in law enforcement and serves as the Sec Ops Chief on the SWMO Incident Support Team. Chief is also a living kidney donor and an advocate for organ donation. Chief serves as an inspiration and mentor to many!

Battalion Chief Brian Athen

Chief Brian Athen is a Battalion Chief/Medic for Springfield, MO Fire Department and has been in the fire service for 18 years. He was previously the Captain/EMS coordinator for SFD. BC Athen has spent 28 years in EMS as an EMT and then later a medic, working full time and PRN for Mercy EMS in Springfield, MO. BC Athen is a Christian, Husband and Father to an amazing family and a great role model to many!



"I would highly recommend this page to any and all firefighters regardless of rank. I'm a huge advocate in having positive attitudes around the fire house, on the fire and training grounds. The topics discussed on this page go above and beyond giving a great example of what a good attitude and good leadership can do to an organization. The number of bugles isn't what it's about. It's about leading from the front, having good relationships with the ones above and below you and keeping things positive around the fire house whether it's a volunteer department or paid department. This page helps you become a better leader! If you're a current leader or inspiring leader this page is for you."

Lieutenant Brock Biggerstaff

Southern Boone County Fire Protection District

"I want to give a shout out to Flashover Leadership. This group is on a mission to bring out the best in the current and future leaders of our fire service. Taking the lessons of many years and many backgrounds to foster an attitude that makes the individual evaluate their personal journey. It cannot be done without the involvement of those with a story to tell. I challenge everyone that visits this page to share that story. It is yours to tell, but if you do not share you are holding others back. It is time to give back to the fire service. Keep up the good work Brothers and as always, BE SAFE!"

Deputy Chief Scott Moore

Battlefield MO Fire Protection District

"The fire service is blessed with many good leaders. Creating that desire for someone to improve themselves and succeed is one of the greatest awards of mentoring "up and comers" in the fire service. Flashover Leadership is a great resource and huge part of my network to stay on track and positive. I have great respect to all involved with "FL" and recommend it to anyone wanting to grow as leaders, not just in the fire service, but in life."

Battalion Chief Brian Athen

Springfield MO Fire Department